Amazon worker says she had to deliver packages during hail storm


An Amazon driver by the name of A’Niya (@aniyamitch) posted a viral video of her getting caught in a hail storm.

The video has garnered over 2.7 million views on the platform as of Saturday. During the video, A’Niya is seen yelling and not happy about the prospect of braving the hail storm to deliver her packages.

In the clip, A’Niya screams, “It’s fucking hailing! Look at me, I’m wet!” as she attempts to deliver a package before running back inside the van. She pans the camera to face the windshield, where rain and what seems to be hail or sleet rage outside.

The comments section is filled with empathetic comments and with viewers acknowledging the challenges that delivery drivers face.

One commenter wrote, “Thank you for your service,” while another commented, “Alexa, thank the driver.”

TikTokers root for A’Niya in the comments and show their appreciation for her as a driver. Others, however, joke about making sure their packages get delivered on time.

“It’s Just a little water, I paid for overnight shipping,” one user urged.

“Put some goggles on,” another joked. “I need my package you signed up for better or worse.”

One comment with 44,000 likes simply reads, “Nah don’t quit bring me my package first.”

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