Will a bad undergrad school hold me back later in my career?


I've been working for a few years as a software engineer, and I feel like I'm on track to have a pretty good career (good company, team, tech stack), but I feel like I might be held back in the future by my undergrad school.

I'm not going to state it here, but it's a pretty bad/odd school choice. I remember my hiring manager even made a joke about it in my interview. I don't have it listed on my LinkedIn and am afraid of listing it on my resume.

Should I be worried about it in the future? I'm considering getting a master's just to "cover up" my undergrad university.


Bad college might give in to bad networking opportunities but that is as good as saying if it's not inheritance you can't make money.

Money can always be made, and networking can always be initiated via LinkedIn or joining an organization ( but a good college/inheritance helps if it's going to the right people )

Software being language, you can surely ace it based on your performance. Honestly, if you wanna take a break or take some student debt then you can pursue it if you're sure you can't perform self-study all your life.

Tldr; Relax. Treat your job as a CV for the next job, & keep on changing it every 1.5-2 years.

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