Remote employee says she's 'just pretending' to work full 8-hour day: 'It's so much better'

 A Gen Z remote worker said an eight-hour “work day in the office does NOT equal” one at home.

Remote work is on the rise and here to stay, according to ForbesTikToker @innergrump shared her thoughts on how work-from-home culture differed from in-office. She even suggested that “we’re all just pretending” to work a full eight hours.

“Like we’re taking away office conversations, long lunches, constantly being pulled away, less sleep, being drained from the commute, etc.” she wrote in the video text.

The content creator said she can get her eight-hour office day done in four “focused hours at home.” She didn’t understand why employers were still asking us to work eight.

“And no, I can’t work a full 8 hours in deep focus 5 days a week, I would literally pass away,” she added in the comments.

The video racked up 2.9 million comments on TikTok. Many people felt similarly about how work life has changed since 2020.

“No the actual worst is being done early at the office and having to be tied to a chair,” a user said.

“It’s ridiculous. Why is America afraid of change?? Think how much it would benefit working moms,” a person added.

“And I’m multitasking like flipping laundry between meetings. It’s so much better,” another wrote.

“The 40-hour work week was invented like 100 years ago…why haven’t we changed it?!” someone commented.

“A day at the office completely drains me. After a workday at home, I continue my day with actual quality time and my hobbies,” a TikToker replied.

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