My 2 weeks is getting ugly and I'm not sure how to navigate the situation professionally.


Hi everyone. Yall have been great to me throughout this job transition so I'm hoping I can get just a little bit more help. The SQL & tableau skills are coming along nicely for anyone wondering.

My direct manager did not take the 2 weeks well and demanded I give a full month's notice. I told him that's absolutely not happening. He now wants me to spend my last 1.5 weeks sprinting what development I can in my area of a web app we are preparing to deploy. The problem is, my company is "agile", which in reality means I have done virtually zero documentation on what work I've completed over the past 6-12 months because management does not allow the time to do so. I use niche technologies and work with various cross-functional teams and it will absolutely be a complete blow to many of them if I leave nothing behind. They may even have to rework or scrap some of what I've done.

My boss responded that he doesn't care about what I thought should be done, only what he wants me to do, even though I believe it will have very negative effects on other departments. He even alluded to some promised payoffs (bonuses) being in jeopardy (which he has no power to do) if I don't diligently do what he's asked.

Do I make my boss "happy" and finish as much dev work as I can while looking bad on the way out, or do I tell my boss to shove it and ignore him as I complete much-needed administration and documentation during my final days here?


Your boss owns the consequences. I would do the dev work that he has requested but let the other stakeholders know that there's missing documentation. They can take it up with him if they'd like.

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