6 Harsh (Short) Truths about Passive Income


If you’re looking for a flowery post that helps you ‘get rich quick, this isn’t that.

1. Lots of active work

To do

2. Credibility

  • you have an engaged audience (not just followers)
  • people talk about your products and spread the word

To do

3. Highs are high, lows can mess with you

To do

4. Don’t overlook the foundation

To do

5. Affiliates

  • Friends: bump the percentage for them and ask them if they’d like to come on board.
  • Existing customers: all my existing customers can be affiliates. This hasn’t been really successful though because all my customers do not have email lists (or probably just don’t want to ‘sell’).

To do

6. This is the last step

  • grew my account from 2500 to 35000 followers in a year
  • became LinkedIn Top Voice 2022
  • was invited to LinkedIn Creator Management Program
  • got selected for LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program

To do


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