How the Best Bosses Lead Remote Teams


Leadership is about people, and it’s about communication.

#1. Embrace flexibility

#2. Make time for one-to-one chats

#3. Focus on principles and outcomes

#4. Avoid overwhelm

#5. Don’t mistake connection for being constantly connected

#6. What gets rewarded gets repeated

#7. Leave space for the casual

#8. Communicate consciously

#9. Mentor not manager

Closing thoughts

  1. Embrace flexibility and use it to your advantage
  2. Make time for one-to-one chats so you can continue to build a strong rapport away from the office
  3. Focus on outcomes, not arbitrary rules
  4. Avoid overwhelm and keep an eye on potential burnout in your team
  5. Don’t enforce constant connection, but do ensure ongoing connectivity
  6. Reward behavior you want to see more of rather than punishing the negative
  7. Embed casual interactions in the team from time to time
  8. Communicate effectively rather than just for the sake of it
  9. Mentor your team, don’t just manage them

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