Why Assholes Get Rich And Nice People Get Disappointed

Assholes get rich because they are not afraid to ask for what they want. They are bold. They are brash. They may not be the most skilled. They may not be the prettiest or most handsome. They may not be the most talented. But they damn sure know how to ask for what they want. The world belongs to those who know how to ask intelligently for what they want. But at the onset, don’t focus on the intelligent part, just get the reps in. Ask!

How to Ask

You get good at asking by asking. Many people would rather die than ask for help. For some reason, they have demonized asking for help. Perhaps they think asking is the same as begging. And it is not.

The difference between asking and begging is how you see yourself. A beggar feels inferior to everybody. Beggars believe they have nothing of value or that what they have is inconsequential to what they are asking for. Beggars appeal to pity.

On the other hand, asking is done from a place of confidence. You know that if you don’t get what you want from someone, you will get it from another person. The confidence that whoever renders the help you want to you is in luck. They have hit the jackpot.

This is more than proving yourself to people. It is believing in yourself. But don’t get too carried away with all the fancy stuff. Just ask in a way that you will get.

Asking Intelligently

This means asking in the way the recipient wants, not the way you want. If they have a protocol, respect it. But this doesn’t mean you should stick to only that. If you can, approach to ask in other ways too. This is especially when you know there are lots of other people asking too.

But as long as you mean well, be as tenacious as you feel like. I have discovered that the frequency of asking also matters. Assholes and bad b**ches get what they want because they ask and they don’t leave until they get a favorable answer. Many of them have no problem with being annoying, as long as it gets them what they want.

But nice people often play themselves. They don’t believe they should have what they ask for, and it shows when they ask.

Get what you asked for before you ask for another thing. Build a reputation for yourself in your head of getting what you asked for.

The Asking that Gets

Ask for something today. If you are bad at asking, start getting good at it. You get good by practicing (and improving with each attempt).

There was a story in Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich about a little girl who came to ask a huge man for $3. The first time, the man told her to go away. But she didn’t move. She stood there.

She kept asking. And the man grew angry. But the little girl stayed put. Finally, the man threatened her by charging towards her with a piece of equipment in hand (to scare the girl away). But instead, the girl moved closer and raised her voice about what she wanted.

At that moment, the man stopped and gave her the money. I think that story is the best demonstration of how to ask. In the end, when push comes to shove, the person who gets what they ask for is the one who didn’t walk away from asking.

So, ask for something today.


Assholes and b**ches get what they want because they don’t feel insecure about asking for it. They ask and stand there until they get it. That is the way to ask for money.

Do you know why nice people get disappointed? They walk away before getting what they are asking for. Don’t be nice. Don’t be an asshole either. But learn something from the rich assholes.

Be tenacious.

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