My Nephew is Seeking Career Success — Here’s What I Told Him

 I have a nephew who reminds me of myself, me from thirty years ago — aggressive, wanting to excel, battling the other “bright boys” also competing on the fast track and hoping to score a cushy corner office on the tenth floor of the corporate office.

For the last several years, he’s been following the path laid out for him.

Temper your enthusiasm for your job with the understanding that you’re following a plan made by someone else.

Be prepared.

Always make a positive impression.

Realize that every successful career requires a commitment — from both sides.

Understand there will be days when you’ll feel you’ve been taken advantage of, unappreciated for your work, or flat-out snubbed in favor of the next guy.

Remember, your every move is being watched.

Value your job as one of your most important assets.

If you see yourself on the other side of the parking lot …

I’m going to keep a good thought and hope my nephew reads this article.

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