Organizations do not really care about “learning.” It’s a thing they say.

 I come across different business articles all the time, probably about 93.4% of which make me want to tear my hair from my scalp and scream like a banshee. This one, about onboarding processes, is largely the same. Everyone knows that onboarding is a complete disaster at most companies, and a raging tire fire at a lot of them. Heck, 22% of companies don’t do anything that could even be called onboarding, which is the adult equivalent of a kid being dropped at a new school for third grade and no one telling him where his classroom is. Oh, and PS I think you could get sued for that, so more companies should get sued for how little they even think about the experience of starting work there.

What’s the percentage breakdown of those three in terms of being seen as a good employee?

  • Technical 50
  • Cultural 25
  • Political 25
  • Technical 10
  • Cultural 30
  • Political 60

The tea on learning

Didn’t you want to do this once, Ted?

What’s the biggest issue, then?

When I started doing stuff with Starr…

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