My director is mad that I accepted another internal position for a 26% raise when he was told he could only give me a 10%


So this just happened 3 days ago.

I told my director that I was offered another job in the company and I was going to tell them I wanted 20% over my current salary. My director talked to his boss and HR and was told 10% was the highest any internal pay raise could be. I told him that if that was true I was going to leave for an external position because my job type (data science) is in such a huge demand right now that you can basically choose your own salary. He told me that I would not get what I wanted from the internal job offer and that I should either take him or start applying to other companies. Well, I got my offer from the internal team and it was for 26%, 6% higher than I wanted. I told my director that if he matched the offer I would stay on my current team, I love my current team and my current director. He got so mad that I got offered that much and basically has been cracking "jokes" at every meeting we have been in about me only caring about money and having no loyalty.

Have to love capitalism.


I’d be countering his jokes with a smug laugh and a “Don’t be mad at me, be mad at whoever told you you could only do 10%”

Odds are no one did, he tried to strong-arm you, so you’re politely telling him to get fucked.

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