Took new job on condition of not having to go to office located 3 hours away. Now being asked to go in.

 I was recruited for a position at a company in Westchester NY. I told them it was too far for me to travel (110 miles from home). They told me the position was totally remote and would stay that way. This was my manager's understanding as well.

Yesterday I was told June 1st everyone needs to return to the office. I thought this excluded me but wanted to be sure so I emailed HR. I was told that there will be no exceptions and that where I choose to live is not their problem … wtf.

I sent them a copy of the email from the recruiter. They told me whatever was “implied by the recruiter “ was not binding.

Can they do this? I can’t move in 15 days!


Unfortunately, you'll likely need to find a new job.

In the meantime...just don't go. Continue doing your job as you have been. If they want to fire you, at least you can get unemployment.

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