Why Google Tasks is My Go-To, for To-Dos A simple, effective, and often overlooked To-Do app


Google Tasks.

In list articles rating To-Do apps, Google Tasks is rarely near the top. Sure, it’s not as flashy as apps like Todoist or TickTick, but for Google users like me, it works perfectly. So let me take you through how I use it, and why in my opinion, it’s one of the best To-Do apps out there.

The Basic Features

All To-Do apps have certain things in common, and Google Tasks is no exception:

  1. You can, of course, add tasks to a list (that’s sort of the whole point)
  2. Add a date and time
  3. You can create repeating tasks
  4. You can create sub-tasks
  5. And you can create separate lists, to keep things organized.

So far, pretty basic. You get these features in just about any To-Do list app.

So Why Use It?

Even on its free plan, Todoist appears to have more, so why should you choose Google Tasks?

Well, it’s all about the Google Ecosystem.

The ecosystem is a word that comes up a lot in the tech world, Apple’s ecosystem being one of the most popular and well integrated. However, Google has one too, and although I’m an Apple guy when it comes to work, I’m all about Google Drive, Docs, Mail, … and tasks.

It’s everywhere!

If you happen to use any of the apps mentioned above on your computer, you’ll have noticed a sidebar.

Screenshot by author

This means that whether you’re adding things to your calendar or writing in Google Docs, you have your tasks on hand.

It also has an iOS/iPadOS app which I’ve found to be very straightforward, it comes preinstalled on Android. You can also create tasks within the Calendar app (on all devices): when you hit the + button (or “create” on the web) you’ll get to choose between event, task, or reminder.

But the integration goes further ….

Integrates, with Google Calendar

The main reason I favor Google Tasks over others is that it is the only task manager that properly integrates with my calendar, which is, of course, Google Calendars.

Arguably one of the most popular calendar apps, I have always used Google Calendars for keeping track of events, and meetings, or for blocking out my time for various activities.

However, a calendar event isn’t a task. Within 1h of blocked out time on your calendar, let’s say for writing an article, you may have a multitude of tasks: research, images, writing, SEO, …

What the Google Ecosystem allows me to do, is to have all my events and tasks in the same place.

Screenshot by author

To allocate times and dates, you can even drag the task you’ve created in the sidebar, straight onto your calendar, making the whole process as straightforward and quick as possible.

Bottom Line

There you have it, a quick article for Google users on the benefits of Google Tasks. It isn’t flashy but gets the job done and integrates nicely into the ecosystem. If you’ve been using their calendar for a while, you’ll be surprised just how useful having Google Tasks can be.

To get Google Tasks for yourself, just head to any Google App (Gmail, Docs, …) on the web, sign in, and it’ll be in your sidebar. Alternatively, you can get the mobile app from the App Store/ Play Store.

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