Transiting from Engineering to Commercial Role

 It’s natural for 50% of engineering students to go into the commercial role after graduating. There’s another 20–30% of engineers will progress via commercial route. Statistics from my university friends and my 12 years of experience.

I’m one of the 20–30%. I decided to pivot into a commercial role. I have not looked back since.

Throughout this journey, I have also seen people struggling with this transition. Not all engineers can do the commercial roles? Yes and No. here are some tips I have:

1. Be open-minded

From an engineer's point of view, a commercial role is easier… Statistically, this is 100% true.

What’s also true is, all engineers will find out in 1–2 months time that it’s not as easy as it sound.

However, they have probably given the team a bad impression as you-think-you-know-it-all. That’s a imagine hard to shag away.

If you think you can fake it — pls don’t because it doesn’t work that way. It will still subtly show up in your body language.

2. Don’t set up GTKY session

This is totally against the typical advice.

In the commercial world, word of mouth is the best GTKY.

If you are not making a good impression, you are making a bad one — which is normally the case for engineers at the start.

3. Focus on building rapport with your current team

Your current team will be your window to the commercial world.

Building good relationships will help you form a lifelong friendships (speaking from experience!) and most importantly they will show you the door.

Through this team, you will learn the commercial language and team norm. This, will build up your commercial foundation — ways of working, rules of engagement and survival tips.

Every team needs diversity. The more diverse it is, the most complete the team.

Whatever you do, reach out to your dream job with an open mind, and may you find your lifelong friendship anywhere you go!

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