The Newest Component That Will Change Collaboration In Microsoft!

 Microsoft provides us with some of the most loved applications for personal, work, and enterprises. Most companies prefer Microsoft products to any other provider when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, and notetaking.

So What are Loop Components?

Live Loop Components exist inside Microsoft Teams. Loops allow you to collaborate with another individual or a whole team in an exciting, interactive, and fully collaborative way. Starting a Loop is simple. Create a Microsoft Teams chat to discuss a new idea, project, or initiative with a group of individuals. In the chat bar, select the icon that looks like a Loop. Then select from the dropdown list of component types available. Microsoft Loops is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices and even works on mobile & tablets.

Different Component Types:

When selecting a bulleted list, a draft Loop Bulleted List component will appear for you to add a title and begin typing a list with bullets. To add additional individuals to the page, send the list, and multiple users will be able to continue typing and interacting with the list created. This functionality is fairly similar when using the checklist option, except here, the lines are checkable. This is great for working with a group of individuals on a quick task. The numbered list additionally follows a similar functionality.

The Future of Loops

The Loops Component that is available today is only a fraction of what’s to come next.

Later this year, Loops will be launching Loop Pages and Loops Workspace.

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