I work as an hourly employee for my state govt. My boss has been insulting me for week and cursed me out on Friday. Is there anything as I can do as an hourly employee?


Hey everyone,

So I started a new job in January working as a scientist for my state. While I really enjoy it, I am still an hourly employee. However, I was just interviewed this past Wednesday for a full-time gig.

Since being hired, I have been given no training. My boss essentially wanted me to struggle with things to figure them out. Luckily, I have been mostly ok with learning on the fly as my doctorates research used similar methods, but obviously, I can't know everything.

With stuff that I ask my boss about (such as a python script) he will frequently sigh and say "I don't understand it. aren't you smart? figure it out. You have a doctorate".

So, I have been learning on the fly with virtually no guidance. Despite this, I think I am still doing quite a good job. However, on Friday, it accumulated to him cursing me out.

So, when I was working on research projects, I would always put draft documents into their own folder before finalized. Despite a tight deadline, I finished everything I had to and put it in a draft folder which is right next to the final folder. I called my boss to tell him the good news (as I was quite proud), instead, he asked "where are the fucking files?", I then explained how I put them in a draft folder (and I noticed he did that before, so I thought it was ok) and he then was like "What the fuck does that mean?" and began to simply curse at me in a mumbled way. I was never told not to put them somewhere else because I received no training regarding these things.

I understand that he was under stress (we all were), but he never apologized nor said anything else other than for me to fix a few small things.

I am extremely anxious about what to do tomorrow as we work in the same room. I just had an interview with him and a few other people for an enhanced position that is full time and I do not want to mess that up. In addition, I am an hourly. While I am currently supposed to be trained to fill in his position after he retires (that is why they hired me and one other person), I am still an hourly employee and I feel expendable (I probably am). In addition, I am supposed to be moving in a month which is added pressure.

I am so unsure what I can do given this circumstance. Would anyone have any advice regarding how I should move forward?


Honestly, I've not heard of "draft" files before...I have seen versions of reports/sheets marked draft...

I suspect there seem to be some expectations that training is not needed if you have a PhD. And he is frustrated because both made assumptions (you that you would have some training and him that you would not need it).

Hourly or enhanced full time isn't really going to matter on this...either they like you and want to give you the upgraded job or they don't. Not sure why you are moving....are you relocating for this job?

In the end, unless you have a contract you are "at-will" and expendable.

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