Why are companies still including cannabis in pre-employment drug tests?

I get it with opiates, meth, etc. .., but cannabis is legal either medically or recreationally in most states.

Today, I crushed the 4t
h interview for a great job based in Nevada, and about an hour after my interview, the corporate recruiter asked me to fill out an official app and send references. Yay…?!

At the very end of the app, there is a form disclosing any offer is contingent upon a negative drug test that includes marijuana.

What? It’s legal in Nevada and I use legal THC and CBD to treat an anxiety disorder, albeit with no prescription. (Safer than Xanax IMO)!!

I know I’ll fail the drug test for marijuana and I’m kinda pissed, honestly. Are they worried I’ll smoke weed on the job? Well, what about drinking alcohol on the job? I don’t see alcohol on the test.

Just asking …


There may be federal contracts, you may travel to other states, it might be part of their liability insurance plan, or if you ever use a company car or other equipment. Did they say they test for it or if you test positive for marijuana you won’t be hired? Many companies include it in their list of tests because it’s a baseline test in a lot of the drug test packages they buy from whatever testing company they use, but that doesn’t mean it’s used in hiring decisions.

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