Disclosed too much to a coworker, she ran off to tell the manager


Hi, please do not be me. I was a contractor at a tech startup and had such a hard time. This woman was also a contractor that was turned FTE. I was applying to a different position in a different department than her. She was incredibly kind and used to ask me all the time how I was feeling. I disclosed too much and what issues I was having with my supervisor. She proceeded to take matters into her own hands and behind my back, told one of the managers that worked with me. She thinks I don’t know but I realized what had happened when I checked in both calendars by mistake and the list of attendees was hidden from her calendar. I have no idea what her intentions were. After I left the company, she proceeded to text me saying she “was worried” and that “her door was always open” I had to bite my tongue to not tell her to fuck off. Don’t be this person please, for the love of God and all that is pure have respect for your coworkers. She has no idea I know and I figured while I was still there.


Never trust these work people that are extra friendly. I think we all have an experience where some kind of illogical betrayal happens.

Mine was the early 20s in retail making minimum wage as a supervisor. The new girl was asking about stuff and pay and why I don't do XYZ like the other supervisor- so I told her I don't get paid enough to be doing all of that and killing myself to do extra work. When she got fired or quit - idk which- she went and told corporate on me about that, made no fucking sense. Even my own boss was asking me why she did that and if she had something against me. Almost lost my shitty job over that.

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