Is it better to have a career that makes you happy, or that is stable and safe?

 I've been stuck on this for months now. After I graduated hs, I went to college for a couple of years. It was awful, I hated it and nothing I tried really seemed to make me content enough to make a career out of it. So, I dropped out and pursued work as a hairstylist instead. While I'm not the best stylist ever yet, I do love it and wanted to make a life out of it. However, I have 3 very serious diseases that all require expensive medications and treatments; I'm talking thousands of dollars a month here. They also occasionally put me out of work, but not enough to get any kind of disability. That being said, salons don't offer health insurance or if they do, it's not good enough to cover all that. I have a bf who loves me and could give me his insurance if need be, but I'm uncomfortable being 100% dependent on another person like that. If he changed jobs or decided he didn't like me anymore id be on my own, and private insurance is so expensive When I decided to pursue hair this all seemed so far away… but now that I'm hitting the 2-year mark, id almost prefers the peace of mind of having good insurance over being happy with my actual job. But I want opinions- job ideas if you've got them. But do keep in mind…I really don't wanna give this up unless absolutely necessary.


I know this isn't the fantasy/idealistic answer that people want to hear about chasing your dreams and following your passion but I'm going to level with you. It's better to have fucking money. Doing the thing that makes you some serious money will make you happier overall.

We can quibble about the details. I'm sure there are stories about some person making $250k/yr who was miserable and took a job they liked more making only $160k/yr but that's whatever. That's bank either way.

99% of the time making $100k/yr is going to lead to a happier life than making $25k/yr. I don't care how much you love your $25k/yr job.

Why? Because money is freedom in our country. Do you realize how nice it is to not have to give a fuck about your bills? To buy any old thing you need or want (within reason) and be like "meh". To be able to casually take vacations and not even sweat the cost? Money is freedom from fear, anxiety, the struggle.

That's the ugly truth.

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