Company is hiring new developers at higher salary than current employees

 I was recently promoted from junior to intermediate developer at my company. There was an accompanying raise. However, I saw our company hiring junior developers with lower experience requirements than I already have. The lower boundary of the salary range on the posting is higher than I'm getting even after my raise.

What should I do?

edit: Some developers discuss our salaries with each other, and I found out other people who have been there slightly longer are making even less than I am, and 10k less than the posting is offering.


That is very common. The opposite is also common when there's some policy change and old employees have, for example, much better benefits.

This is something the head of compensation would have to be actively trying to fix. Of course, you can try to negotiate something for yourself, but usually, if it's a company-wide effort, it's not very hopeful.

I've seen silly cases of people leaving the company, waiting a couple months, applying to the same job, and getting back again with a raise.

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