What's the deal with Mac computers?


When I was still in university I think in any given CS class beyond the two intro courses about 90% of students used Windows on their school computer and about 10% were either dual-booting or using Linux exclusively.

I think most of my classmates had the mindset that Mac computers were overpriced and only purchased by people who didn't actually know how to use a computer. I also had professors who were not afraid to tell us how they hated macOS and Mac computers for a variety of reasons, and on my first day of Java 1 freshman year, I remember our professor told us that our time in university would be hell if we didn't have something that ran windows. Additionally, I had several professors who really stressed that we should get familiar with Linux as it would help us later on.

However, when I got my first job out of college I was issued a work computer, I was given the option between a laptop with windows on it and a MacBook, and was told that about half of new hires pick the MacBook. Additionally, talking with other people I went to school with it seems like MacBooks are a pretty common choice for someone who writes code for a living, and as a side note it seems like no one actually uses a Linux desktop for work unless they're regularly dealing with Linux at work. Why is this?


Macs just work, and they've already got Unix so you're basically got Linux AND then you're running homebrew and git and ruby and python right out the box.

I remember when I started on Windows boxes, I had to install and run everything through CygWin and I thought "NEVER AGAIN". It's like Windows boxes are a bunch of software made by people who really don't want to make software for each other.

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