Difficulty holding a job because of PTSD


To give you some context I am a 26-year-old male and I have been struggling with severe PTSD ever since childhood. I was working for Uber Eats for about two and a half years but had to leave because my PTSD (which was untreated at the time) got worse. I had to leave because my intrusive and suicidal thoughts made it dangerous for me to drive. I took a year off to get treatment and over the summer I was working a contract job at a start-up. My PTSD got worse not because of the job but because of some events that are unrelated. It made it really hard for me to work and be productive at the job. I left in September to go back to school and because the company was EXTREMELY poorly managed. I would however like to re-enter the job market soon so I was wondering if anybody knew what a good job for somebody with PTSD would be.


Maintenance and repair may be something to look into. I’d say a work-from-home tech job if you can do that but honestly, I think isolating yourself would make things worse down the road and isolation is no fun. You want to focus on transitioning yourself into being able to function in social situations. I also have PTSD that I’ve had since I was a teen, won’t go into details but I watched someone close to me die and I’m socially fucked. I did however find a job doing foam insulation with a guy I met on Craigslist a couple years back and it’s just me, him, and one of his childhood friends so I’m still able to be social with those 2 and the customers but we do 1 job a day and he plays very well, I got lucky. Jobs are out there just keep looking. Best of luck. I don’t recommend Craigslist though that’s how I found the job I’ve been at for 4 years now lol again.. I got lucky to find such a job, point is I had to do some searching and step out of my comfort zone to find it. I’m very happy and content that I did and I can say I won’t be leaving this job anytime in the near future. I wish you the best dude, and I feel your pain. Just gotta keep pushing, life’s always worth living and there’s always a silver lining. ALWAYS.

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