My company is putting annual raises on hold. They're going to do a 'compensation study/analysis' instead. I can't find anything about this online. Is this a way for my boss to say "we love you but we don't wanna pay you and this doc says you're paid enough"?


Pretty much the title.

I am due for an annual raise in February. I received an amazing performance review. I really like my company and the work. My boss is great. I did receive a 25% bonus at Christmas for my 2021 performance. I work in business/tech/finance. We had record revenue in 2021 and my work is a big part of that.

Now they're saying that even though they love me, want me to be moving up the ladder, etc...we're going to do a compensation analysis within the next 6 months so there won't be any raises until that's done.

This feels like a punch in the belly, especially since inflation is stupidly high right now and even though that's not my boss' problem, it IS my problem. And a glowing performance review about how great I am doesn't pay my bills.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


It could be used to say you’re all overpaid no raises, it could also mean a massive correction in your favor is coming.

You can do your own compensation study, ie interview for some jobs and see if you get offers and how much they are.

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