Is it normal to put an employee on a PIP only two months into their new job?

 It’s actually been about a week less than two months. I have worked in my industry for 22 years and have always helped train new hires in other places where I’ve worked. (I have only changed companies 3 times in the history of my career.) I am quite certain that I’ve been acclimating to my new job at a normal reasonable pace and haven’t made any serious or even moderate mistakes. I have made some minor inconsequential ones that are super common and sort of expected in my field. I was appropriately apologetic about them and haven’t repeated any mistakes after being made aware of them. But yet I’ve already been put on a Performance Improvement Plan as of just 2 days ago. Do they hate me?


Either you’re doing major goof ups or the company has unrealistic expectations for new hires.

Any “performance issues” that result in a PIP this quickly is likely a failure of the recruiter and/or hiring manager for not successfully screening for the right candidate or failing to explain job expectations. It’s not illegal but it certainly reflects back negatively on their culture and you may be happy to be learning this early rather than later.

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