My boss gave away part of my job duties to someone on my team and never told me about it or why. How do I approach this?


I was internally promoted two years ago. I was excited for the role because it was an area I was interested in growing in and a change of pace as I’ve worked at the company for over 8 years.

On one area of responsibility, I suggested someone on my team (let’s call them C) assist because they’re smart and I knew they had an interest in it. The Boss was fine with it and was pleased with the team member. I felt great that not only was I getting to grow but C was as well.

Fast forward about a year and all meetings about this area have been canceled. I assumed we were holding on to it because of the pandemic. I later find out that C and my boss are having meetings and working on it. C mentioned it and assumed I knew. I asked my boss and they mention when they asked me about using C for a short-term project. This project had nothing to do with the area of responsibility. She also tells me that C is wasted working on business division X. I find this very rude because my remaining team members and I all work on X as well as other people in our company, but it is still not related to the area of responsibility.

My boss recently told me she is taking C off my team to focus on what I thought my new role was. I tell her I’m confused about what’s happening and she is very rude about how “I’m always confused about this” but she has never spoken about it to me. I’m setting a meeting to address what my role and responsibilities are.

Basically, I know this company is a disaster and I need to leave but I want to see if they can provide valid feedback on my performance or if we can reach an agreement where I leave with severance. Had anyone done this?

My boss avoids conflict and ignores unpleasant issues. They can be very severe but I think it comes from a fear of being unliked. They think they’re very smart (which yes they can be) but they get frustrated when they’re questioned assuming the listener isn’t understanding not that they aren’t clear. I want to avoid bringing up C because I don’t think they have any idea I’m being pushed out and it should not be me or their issue. However, I’m not sure who is supposed to be taking on their workload.

My idea was to bring my job description and show what I’m not doing. My other main issue is that I have lost the ability to be proactive so I need to wait for someone to request work which has never been the case in my time here. My ability to work independently is part of why I was selected for this role so I feel that is a good way to talk about how it impacts the company.


It's either, as others have suggested, you're being let go or at the least, your boss lost his confidence in you. When that happens, trust me, every time you screw up, it's magnified and when you do anything right, they won't mention it.

If I were you, I'd prepare your resume, get character references, and start applying. I'm not sure how it is in your country, but I'd wait it out and get fired rather than getting leaving the post if your ego can allow it. Typically, companies pay severance pay and extend benefits. Just don't mention it to your next employer as it may raise eyebrows.

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