How To Apply For Jobs Without Wanting to End it all

 I'm looking for a job now because I am in debt and I have bills to pay and I just cannot sleep the day away forever. I wish I could. But every time I apply for jobs, I feel a wave of discouragement because the jobs are things that I want to do, I am still a college student, and most of the jobs that I won't require a BA and 2+ experiences (which I believe is absolute bullshit), and it so discouraging because I need a job. I don't want one, I enjoy having money in my pockets, but I don't enjoy the mind-numbing labor. How do I make the process easier for myself?


Here's the thing about job requirements: Fucking ignore them. Most of them are entirely arbitrary or hunting for unicorns. They can say that they require a BA or whatever else but what they really need in almost every instance is just someone who will show up and learn how to do the job.

Of course, some jobs will require degrees and certifications. You're not going to get a job as a pilot or doctor without the right training. But for many jobs, especially right now, there just aren't enough people applying. There are jobs that have literally no one applying for them. Not a lot, but some.

The main thing that you need to do is just apply to a lot of jobs. Just apply. Anything that sounds like something that you might be able to do, just apply. Often the person who writes the job description doesn't even know what the job really is, and the person who reads your resume might think you're good enough even if you don't match the job description at all.

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