Common area coffee spots decrease at the workplace


(WXOW) - Businesses changed or removed common coffee areas at an increased rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The R.W. Houser Family YMCA removed its free coffee spot to prevent people from physically gathering when unnecessary.

"Something as small as not being able to offer a cup of coffee can have an impact on our community," R.W. Houser Family YMCA member engagement director Coleman Breunig said. "They can still enjoy their visit to the Y even though coffee and cards might not be happening."

According to Vending Times, the coffee and vending service industry took a 40% revenue loss during the pandemic.

"All of those industries have been devastated by COVID-19," Vending Times Editor Elliot Maras said. "It's the worst period in the industry's time."

Breunig recommends that people make coffee at home and then gather virtually until it's safe to do so again in person.

"[It's] part of us really trying to be a physically safe place in this moment and time is making sure that people aren't always socially gathering here," Breunig said.

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