Conversations With Your Teams About Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Can Be Difficult Right Now. These Free Courses Can Help.

Editor’s Note: A version of this post previously ran on the LinkedIn Learning Blog.
Current events have brought conversations about diversity, inclusion, and belonging to the forefront for businesses across the United States and across the globe. These conversations can be challenging.
To help professionals such as CMOs and marketing leaders have these discussions and foster more inclusivity and belonging in the workplace, LinkedIn Learning is opening this learning path on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for all available for free through August 31. 

Confront Unconscious Bias

Three of the courses in this pathway are designed to help you understand and confront unconscious bias. Our experiences shape who we are, and our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, and other factors impact the lens through which we view the world, which leads to unconscious bias. Learn how to counter bias in our words, actions, and stand up for your colleagues and community:

Have Inclusive Conversations

Three of the courses address how to have inclusive conversations and communicate across cultures. Discussions about cultural differences can be uncomfortable. They take courage. Develop the skills to conduct productive and meaningful conversations on potentially difficult topics:

Create Diverse Workplaces

Learn how to drive the conversation on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIBs), hire and retain diverse talent, listen to employees, and integrate DIBs into your employee life cycle, and embed DIBs in the employee experience.
We believe we can all play a role in moving toward a more equitable workplace and world. We hope these free courses help you on this journey. 
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