30% of College Grads May Change Career Path due to COVID-19; 40% Reconsidering College Degree and Redefining the "Gap Year"

 Remote Internships, the leading site that guarantees college students and young professionals remote internships anywhere in the world, today announced the findings from a recent survey of 2,104 internship candidates worldwide (85% in the United States). The goal of the survey was to find out exactly how COVID-19 was altering graduation plans, and the results were not all bad.
"A lot of recent studies and statistics have shown pure doom and gloom for college graduates, but our data shows that many are finding the silver lining," said Caleb Kauffman, CEO/Founder of Remote Internships. "Our data shows that students are taking career development into their own hands by leveraging both old and new models of education- the historical model of the apprenticeship/internship as well as modern online learning alternatives."
The study also found that students are redefining the "gap year," using this time to determine if their chosen major is truly the direction they want to go with their career path. 30% of students are considering changing their career path, learning how to pivot in times of economic distress.
Key Findings
  • 64% of students will be learning online this summer, but 41% of them are not choosing their own university.
  • Nearly 30% of students are considering taking a gap year and of that, 53% plan to find work or an internship, 19% are using it to take online courses, and 10% plan on traveling.
  • 30% of students are considering changing their career path.
  • 38% of students say they may change their plans to obtain a college degree. While this is not good for universities, perhaps it is a move into entrepreneurship or trade work?
"We are also seeing a return to the tradition of the apprenticeship which has been rebranded today as an internship," said Kauffman. "Apprenticeships have been the predominant model for education historically, and with more than half of students surveyed planning to find work or an internship, it's clear that we are seeing a return to what has always worked."
To learn more about the study, please visit: https://remoteinternships.com/remote-internship-statistics
Remote Internships surveyed 2,104 of their internship applicants ages 18-24. 85% of respondents resided in the United States. The survey was conducted from May 20th to June 1st, 2020.
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SOURCE Remote Internships
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