To vault or not to vault: Livvy Dunne's next chapter LSU's gymnastic sensation deliberates a fifth year amid an expanding career in the influencer world

 It's decision time for Livvy Dunne, the sparkling LSU gymnast with a social media following that rivals A-list celebrities. At 21, Dunne stands at a crossroads. With one more year of eligibility left, the question looms large: Will she take another swing at NCAA gymnastics glory or hang up her leotard for good?

Dunne's resume reads like a Gen Z dream. She's not only been part of LSU's historic first NCAA Gymnastics Championship but also carved out a lucrative career as an influencer, turning her routines into cash flows. And let's not forget her boyfriend, Paul Skenes, a rising athlete with a future so bright it could light up a stadium.

So what's left for Livvy to conquer? The National Championship is the obvious target, a feat she tasted but never fully experienced. Despite being a part of LSU's championship squad, she only competed in the NCAA Regional Second Round, sitting out the Regional Final, Semifinals, and the big one NCAA Championships.

"I do have eligibility for a fifth year, which I haven't decided yet,Dunne told the New York Post. "I am thinking about it... But I do have eligibility [for another year at LSU]. I don't think I'm going to try for the Olympics or anything after, since I once competed for Team USA and I closed that chapter and went to LSU."

Teammates return, but Dunne's future remains uncertain

In the world of NCAA gymnastics, it's not uncommon for athletes to stick around for a fifth year. Dunne's teammate, Haleigh Bryant, the 2024 NCAA All-Around Champion, is coming back for more. Chase Brock is too. Meanwhile, senior Elena Arenas is hanging up her grips for good.

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Olivia Dunne TikTok proves she can look good while messing up gymnasticsParker Johnson

"The national championship, that was obviously the end goal,Dunne reflected. "That was the cherry on top of my senior year. It's just so cool to be able to make history with my whole team."

But actions speak louder than words, and Dunne's recent moves hint at a life beyond the mat. She's already packed her bags for New Jersey, diving into promotional work for the 60th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and various brand partnerships.

"After my season, that's when I do all of my obligations and I get to work with the brands that I'm partnered with because I usually don't work with them during my season," she explained.

Let's be real, though-there's still a mountain of NIL money waiting if she returns. And back in April, fresh off the national championship high, Dunne herself said, "It definitely makes me want to come back."

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