The No. 1 ‘counterintuitive’ piece of advice for job seekers in today’s market, says career coach

Brianna Doe, founder of the marketing agency Verbatim, dedicates her spare time to offering free job search guidance. She's observed that some of her mentees have been seeking employment for over a year, leading her to describe the current job market as "ridiculous" to CNBC Make It.

Despite promising statistics like low unemployment and abundant job openings, many job seekers face challenges such as phantom listings, prolonged interview processes, and fierce competition for entry-level positions.

Doe's primary advice for job hunters may seem counterintuitive: "Step away from your computer." While acknowledging the financial pressures of unemployment, she stresses the importance of maintaining mental health during the search.

She recommends setting daily limits on job search activities, engaging in outdoor exercise, and pursuing affordable hobbies. "Finding balance is crucial," Doe emphasizes.

These breaks can prove beneficial in the long run. Doe explains, "Constantly submitting applications can be draining, which may negatively impact your interview performance."

Beyond self-care, Doe advises strategic use of resources. She often recommends ADP List, a free networking platform connecting mentors and mentees across industries. "Professional guidance for resume reviews, interview practice, and career advice is available at no cost if you know where to look," she notes.

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