My Co-Worker Is Basically Winona Ryder From The Aughts, And More Of This Week’s Best Work Drama


A woman faces a work trip disaster after she packs a horrible dress.

We're tackling something we all have to deal with at some time or other: work drama. Each week, I'll be bringing the juiciest stories from across the web right to our little virtual water cooler. From toxic bosses to nightmare workplaces, I'm here to speak a little justice on behalf of the average worker.

While you're here, please note that this weekly series is meant solely for entertainment purposes. Please do not have your HR team call me tomorrow saying you heard it from Adrian at Job Advisor.

My Co-Worker Is Responsible For Getting Himself In Trouble, But Why Do I Feel Bad?

My coworker is a great guy, but totally scatterbrained. You have the specifically tell him what you want, by when, then remind him to do it.

If I didn't like the guy so much, I think I would find him totally infuriating.

I've been working on something that needed to be presented last month, despite all my chasing, my coworker still didn't sent me the info.

I took it on the chin with our boss and said that I was late, got a little bit of flack for it but not that much. He told me I needed it done first thing this morning.

So I doubled down with my coworker set up a meeting and put everything in email, it's was crystal clear what he needed to do. Wouldn't even take that long. I got nothing sent over last week, and he decides to show up late today.

I had no choice but to present what I had, and without being obvious I had to show the massive gap where his work should have been. Unsurprisingly I'm asked why I haven't finished, and I have to be truthful.

My coworker, is kind of avoiding me. But did send over the info, after (I assume) he got chewed out by our boss.

Really don't like to do it, but if you keep helping someone who can't prioritize you, even knowing you will get grief. Then you can't keep helping them.

You should prioritize yourself and stop feeling bad about this. I get that he's a likable guy, but he can't be taking up your time, energy, and peace. Going forward, you need to stay on top of this and let him know there are no more indefinite deadlines. Rather, you need to explain if it happens again, you're going to have to get the boss involved earlier so that you don't get compromised later. It's not that you're trying to be mean, it's because you like him, and are not treating him like any other co-worker. The comments speak for themselves; this enabling needs to stop. Read the rest of the thread here.

Co-Worker Borrowed My Expensive Mug Without Asking, And, Somehow I'm The Bad Guy?

I (28M) work in a small office with a close-knit team. We all get along well, except for a borrowing habit of my coworker, Lola (30F).

Here's the issue: Lola constantly "borrows" my stuff. Stapler, highlighters, even my lunch once (though she sheepishly replaced it). I get it, small things happen. But it's become excessive. My stapler goes missing, I find it on her desk. I bring a new pack of pens, half are gone by the week's end.

The other day, I brought in a specific coffee mug — a limited edition one from my favorite band. It wasn't dishwasher safe, so I hand-washed it and left it on my desk to dry. I come back from a meeting, and it's gone. I see Lola using it at her desk.

I calmly asked for it back, explaining it's very special to me. She apologized and said she'd be careful, but I was firm. I told her I needed it back because it wasn't something I wanted to risk getting damaged.

She got huffy, claiming I was being dramatic and that it was "just a mug." I told her it wasn't "just a mug" to me, and that repeatedly taking things without asking was inconsiderate. She stormed off, and now everyone's giving me the silent treatment, implying I'm overreacting.

So, Reddit, AITA for calling out Lola's borrowing habit, especially over a "just a mug"?

This is going to sound weird, but the idea of sharing mugs with people I don't know sounds gross. Sure, it's no different than a restaurant or hotel, however, I'm not able to shake off the idea because I'll never know whose lips actually touched it. She's way out of line for this, and I'm glad that all the comments agree with me. You're not her mom, you're not there to make sure she has everything she needs for a good day at work. Nope, be sharp with her and let her go walk over somebody else's boundaries. Read the rest of the thread here.

I Don't Want To Attend This Work Function And Need A Good Excuse

I've been on a work trip since Sunday night. Our clients arrived yesterday. I've attended every event and plan to except the dinner for tonight. I have a skin condition that I would like to not display. The original hairstyle I chose to hide my condition unfortunately did not pan out well for my dress tonight and could not order anything from Amazon last night to arrive in time. Also I should add I'm new to the company. And the dress I'm not feeling comfortable wearing it and don't have any other options. I don't know what to do here and have 12 hours to come up with an excuse.

Tell them it's diarrhea, at least this way nobody's going to want to challenge you. You can even tell them about something nasty you ate, perhaps it was spicy or milk-based? I'm sorry you feel that way about your skin, I hope with enough time you can make friends at that company who will help you out, like lending you a dress and elevating you whenever you need a helping hand. Read the rest of the thread here.

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