I recruit people to work for A-list celebrities. This is what I look for.

I grew up in LA and have been running my practice at Career Group Companies for about 14 years. My journey into recruiting for some of Hollywood's bigger names began when I helped someone secure a job as a personal assistant to a celebrity or within an entertainment company. When these individuals resigned, they introduced me as the resource to fill their previous positions. Celebrities often face challenges where numerous people aspire to work for them, but they need to avoid fans. Our clients seek individuals without ulterior motives aiming for the limelight. Well-known persons can't simply post job openings online and sort through the applications; they prefer discrete services like ours, where we manage these high-profile searches. Most of my work involves catering to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and celebrities. I also collaborate with the C-suite at major entertainment companies. Although I have finance and fashion clients, my primary focus is the celebrity niche.

When filling a job, I often receive urgent texts saying, "Help, we need a personal assistant for this confidential person." I then conduct a job intake by connecting with the talent, their spouse, family member, business manager, or agent to comprehend the requirements comprehensively. I gather details about compensation, schedule, travel needs, and job specifics, whether as a family assistant, nanny, chief of staff, or estate manager. With a roster of candidates looking for such jobs, I play matchmaker. Candidates are aware that Career Group Companies offers opportunities for such roles, and they apply through our website, DM me on Instagram, or contact me on LinkedIn. 

Our job postings are intentionally vague due to strict NDAs. Through applicant conversations and social media checks, I determine suitable candidates for high-profile work. Generally, candidates with minimal social media presence are preferred to avoid concerns about fame-seeking. My clients value confidentiality and discretion, desiring individuals who do not attract undue attention. I maintain a list of pre-vetted candidates ready for potential matches. Interviews are conducted via Zoom, where my team and I assess the applicants with a series of questions and compare our notes. I then send the top résumés to the client, who may conduct further interviews and ultimately introduce top candidates.

If a candidate is selected for an interview, I send them an NDA. Recently, a client requested a generic NDA to avoid revealing their identity initially. The client's specific NDA is used later in the process if the candidate progresses. When it comes to evaluating candidates, longevity and loyalty are crucial. Frequent job changes can indicate potential issues with the candidate. Clients appreciate those who demonstrate steadfastness even during challenging jobs.

Experience in the industry, particularly in talent agencies, is highly valued as it prepares individuals for the intensity and high profile of these roles. Candidates need to manage sensitive information and communicate effectively. I often find that former athletes possess the collaboration and discipline needed for these positions. Getting to know the candidates in-depth helps me understand their character and suitability for these demanding roles.

Interviewing a celebrity can add stress due to their recognizable status. Flexibility is essential, given the 24/7 nature, long hours, and travel demands of such roles. Responsibilities might include photoshoots, security, media, stylists, brand partnerships, and agents. Respecting privacy is critical, often requiring a clear boundary between professional and personal spaces. Career Group Companies meticulously handles hundreds of celebrity clients, backed by strict NDAs, ensuring confidentiality.

I’ve worked with high-profile clients like Kevin Costner, Scooter Braun, Maria Shriver, and the Kardashian-Jenner family, and corporate clients like Imagine Entertainment, Tiffany & Co., Endeavor Group, and Paramount Pictures. In staffing, we manage roles from corporate offices to celebrities' homes. Depending on the team size, we might recruit estate managers overseeing housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, pool staff, butlers, drivers, and security personnel. A chief of staff might supervise multiple executive assistants, errand runners, and nannies. For clients with multiple ventures, we staff their various roles such as receptionists, HR managers, or heads of design. My approach to these searches is as meticulous as for financial service searches because, fundamentally, I am dealing with people, whether they're investors or NBA players. However, the celebrity aspect garners more attention due to public curiosity.  

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