Bosses are having the hardest time adjusting to hybrid work—here’s why

Hybrid work is still evolving, with 74% of companies changing policies multiple times since 2020. While 67% of workers are satisfied with current policies, 20% have considered quitting due to their hybrid setup.

Key challenges include:

- Productivity issues

- Lack of proper technology and training

- Miscommunication and feeling disconnected

Leaders struggle the most, facing "hybrid whiplash" and motivation issues. This suggests current policies aren't optimal.

Recent research shows a 3-2 office-home split may be more beneficial than full-time office work, improving performance, satisfaction, and retention.

To improve hybrid work, leaders should:

- Rethink work processes

- Adopt new productivity measures

- Provide better training and resources for collaboration

Currently, only 24% of entry-level workers feel adequately trained in hybrid collaboration, while 39% of executives claim to have created guidelines.

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