Angel Reese's salary is taking big hits because of her faults and she doesn't seem to care Reese's playstyle has taken some chunks of change out of her wallet.

 Everyone knows that Angel Reese likes to talk a lot on and off the court. It's that type of personality that has led to her being an instant impact player in the WNBA. But sometimes she takes things a step too far.

That was the case earlier this month when Reese was ejected for "disrespectfully" addressing referee Charles Watson during the Chicago Sky's game against the New York Liberty and getting two technical fouls called against her in the same sequence. The second technical ended up getting rescinded by the league, but the damage was done.

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Angel Reese ejected from the Chicago Sky vs New York Liberty game

Angel Reese is getting fined by the WNBA for technical fouls

Although that second technical won't go on her season total either, Reese is now up to three techs on the season. Per the WNBA rules, her next tech will cost her $400.

  • Technical Fouls 1-3: $200
  • Technical Fouls 4-6: $400
  • Technical Fouls 7+: $800

It doesn't seem like a lot of money, but WNBA players don't get paid overly well in comparison with other sports leagues. Reese has plenty of outside money coming in from sponsors, but money is money.

One would expect Reese to tone her playstyle and character down a bit, simply to not lose out on more money, but doing so would compromise who she is and what got her to where she is. Don't expect her to let up anytime soon.

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