5 questions to ask an interviewer about themselves It’s important to come to an interview with specific questions to help you understand the company and connect with the person interviewing you.

Savvy job candidates not only prepare for common interview questions but also craft thoughtful inquiries for their interviewers. This approach can significantly enhance your chances of securing the position and provide valuable insights into the job and company culture. If your interviewer is a potential future boss, these questions can also offer a glimpse into your prospective working relationship.

In researching for "The Job Seeker's Script," I discovered that successful candidates often deliberately create a dialogue with their interviewers. Here are five effective questions to ask during your job interview:

1. "What inspired you to join this company?"

This question demonstrates genuine interest in the interviewer's perspective and can lead to valuable insights about the company. It's particularly impactful if you've researched the interviewer's background beforehand.

2. "What aspects of the company culture do you most enjoy?"

This inquiry provides firsthand information about the work environment. Consider following up with a question about potential challenges in the company culture to gain a comprehensive understanding.

3. "How will my role contribute to your goals?"

This question, best directed to a potential supervisor, shows your commitment to adding value to the company and the team. It can also reveal the interviewer's leadership style and how they view the position's importance.

4. "In your view, what are the most crucial aspects of this job?"

This helps clarify the role beyond the formal job description, highlighting daily tasks or strategic goals that the hiring manager prioritizes. Pay attention to how the interviewer "sells" the position to you.

5. "How would you describe your leadership style?"

While this may seem bold, it can provide valuable insights into your potential work environment. Don't hesitate to ask pointed questions about leadership, departmental goals, and inter-departmental relationships.

Remember, these questions not only showcase your interest and preparation but also help you evaluate whether the position aligns with your career goals and work preferences. The interviewer's responses can offer crucial information to inform your decision about pursuing the role.

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