4 ways to earn extra cash this summer, from people whose side hustles bring in $100,000 or more a year

As summer heats up, so do expenses for travel, entertainment, and new wardrobes. Why not offset these costs with a lucrative side gig? CNBC Make It has highlighted several individuals who've turned side hustles into six-figure income streams. Here are four summer-friendly options to consider:

1. Online Clothing Resale

Sophie Riegel, a professional writer and mental health coach, earns $123,800 annually selling clothes on platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. She spends about 25 hours weekly thrifting, researching, and listing items. Riegel's tip: "Technically, the thrifting takes the most time, but it doesn't feel like work to me."

2. Pool Rental

Jim Battan of Oregon made $177,000 in under two years renting out his backyard pool through the Swimply app. While profitable, Battan emphasizes the time commitment: "I think of my pool as an investment and I take it really seriously," including frequent chemical checks and maintenance.

3. Career-Based Content Creation

Kelly Gordon, a superyacht captain, earns $10,300 monthly creating social media content about her profession. In 2023, she generated $124,000 through sponsorships, merchandise, ads, and speaking engagements. Gordon notes the symbiosis between her day job and side hustle: "I'm not done running boats anytime soon."

4. Car Rental

Andrei Echeverria rents out six cars near Boston Logan International Airport through the Turo app, earning up to $14,000 monthly. He spends 8-10 hours weekly on maintenance and management. Echeverria's advice: success depends on "meeting the right people and building trust with them."

These examples show that with creativity and effort, summer side hustles can become significant income sources. Whether it's leveraging your skills, space, or assets, there's potential to earn while enjoying the season.

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