35-year-old’s income streams made her more than $500,000 last year—some are completely passive

Julie Berninger, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, has built multiple successful online income streams over the years. In 2015, she started her blog "Millennial Boss" while working as an engineer manager at Amazon, which has generated tens of thousands of dollars in passive income. In 2017, she launched an Etsy store selling printables that has brought in thousands more in passive income annually. 

In 2019, Berninger co-founded an online course company called Gold City Ventures with fellow side hustler Cody Berman. Their flagship course teaches users how to start an Etsy store selling printables, and it has grossed millions.  In 2023, the company's gross revenue exceeded $2 million, and Berninger's take-home pay was over $500,000, as she spends 10-15 hours per week on the business. 

Berninger and Berman then launched a new business in 2023 called Auros Agency, which replicates their successful course model for creators with sizable followings. They have already signed on three clients and hope to expand this model across multiple niches, to build an eight-figure business. 

Berninger's Etsy store, which she updates minimally, brought in about $3,000 in 2023. Her Millennial Boss blog, which she updates once a year, made around $35,000 in 2023. She views these as more passive income streams to support her other ventures.

Overall, Berninger has demonstrated the ability to build multiple successful online businesses and income streams, leveraging her expertise and the power of digital products and courses. Her diverse portfolio of income sources highlights the potential for entrepreneurs to create financial freedom through innovative online business models. 

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