Top HR consultant Josh Bersin on the promise of AI, the perils of Gen Z, and the dream of a 4-day workweek

Josh Bersin, a preeminent HR consultant and founder of his own consulting firm, understands the complexities modern HR teams face. As he prepares for his annual "Irresistible" HR conference, Bersin shares insights into the evolving demands on HR professionals in today's labor market. Despite the end of the "Great Resignation," companies continue to grapple with a challenging labor market due to demographic shifts and the rising expectations of younger workers for flexibility and autonomy in their roles.

Bersin suggests a shift from focusing solely on employee engagement to prioritizing "employee activation," which involves tailoring work environments to meet employee needs rather than forcing employees to adapt to rigid corporate structures. He also supports the idea of a four-day work week as a viable future norm.

The proliferation of HR roles in recent years, accelerated by continuous crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and social changes, has resulted in a fragmented HR landscape. Bersin notes a 30% increase in HR job titles over the past three years, indicating a shift towards a more specialized yet siloed HR function. He advocates for HR professionals to develop "T-shaped" careers, where they combine deep expertise in a specific area with a broad understanding of various disciplines to enhance collaboration and strategic influence within companies.

On the technology front, Bersin highlights the growing disillusionment among HR leaders with existing systems and the enticing potential of AI. While legacy systems like Workday, SAP, and Oracle are still in use, there is a burgeoning effort, potentially worth trillions, to overhaul these systems with AI-enhanced interfaces. In response, SAP has committed to advancing AI innovations and user experience, as it plans to demonstrate at the upcoming SAP Sapphire event.

Despite the optimism surrounding AI in HR, Bersin points out that many HR leaders are still in the early stages of understanding and integrating this technology. They are keen on cleansing their data sets and gaining a deeper understanding of AI functionalities before fully committing. Bersin's recent AI fundamentals course for HR professionals revealed a high level of engagement and curiosity about AI, underscoring its growing relevance in the HR domain.  

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