'Too bad I need to eat!' Store sparks outrage with post for 'volunteer' job

 A Canadian store has sparked backlash online after posting a 'volunteer' job advert. 

A Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy in downtown Toronto posted the unpaid position on job site LinkedIn on Thursday, CBC News reported.  

'Your role as a volunteer is crucial in ensuring that our customers have a positive and seamless shopping experience,' the listing read. 

The unpaid role would require 'assisting customers, restocking shelves, and organizing inventory.' 

Social media users mocked the ad, with one posting, 'damn can't beat an opportunity like that. Shame I have to eat,' on Twitter with a grab of the listing. 

Shoppers Drug Mart has removed the post and claims it was made in error

Shoppers Drug Mart has removed the post and claims it was made in error

'Hiring for a 'volunteer' employee. You just can't make this stuff up. But for all of you wanting to work for free, alas, the position is closed,' another wrote on the site.

'I'm sorry, am I hallucinating or does this LinkedIn post for Shoppers Drug Mart actually say 'volunteer'? This would be the same Weston-owned company that just posted $537 million in profit for the quarter, right?' a third added.  

The job was advertised by Emil Harba, the pharmacist-owner at the Shoppers Drug Mart located at King and Peter in Toronto. 

Shoppers Drug Mart has since claimed that it was put online by mistake. 

The company said the 'job posting was an error,' in a statement to CBC, explaining that having volunteers in stores is against its corporate policy. 

'It was closed right after it was posted and it's being removed. Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't have volunteers in stores and it's not within our policy,' Dave Bauer, director of media relations for the company said. 

However, Harba told the outlet that the position was posted intentionally but was only 'trying to help people seeking Canadian experience.' 

'The post wasn't for any bad intentions, it was for good intentions,' he told the publication.

Harba explained that he often receives messages from people who want to gain work experience but that once he was told by the company it would not be allowed he immediately took the listing down. 

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