Nine Careers You Might Actually Prefer Over The Current (Miserable) Job You're In


You've probably dismissed all of these career paths before.

If constant layoff anxiety and stagnant wages in your current career are driving you up the wall, you should consider a new profession. After all, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you're willing to leave your comfort zone.

Redditor u/wholesomeville wanted to hear about surprisingly pleasant careers that most folks wouldn't expect. Thousands of comments later, and we now have a better understanding of why people decide to take jobs we'd never even considered.

Don't bother scrolling through all those replies — we've dug through them already, and picked out the best ones.

Cleaning up after people isn't as dirty as it sounds

Locksmithing can unlock a happy life

Graveyards at the hotel desk sound chill as hell

You could have a green thumb and not even know it

The work is trash, but the job is not

Dealing with the dead isn't so bad

Delivering mail gets you out in the community, and keeps you fit

Driving the elderly sounds a lot less hectic than driving school kids

Giving tours is a great way to quickly become an expert

Via u/wholesomeville.

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