My coworker and I bonded over how much we hated our job. We were in relationships with other people but fell in love anyway.

Tim and I first crossed paths 12 years ago while both employed by one of Australia's major banks. We were teammates, seated adjacent to one another, and rapidly connected over our mutual disdain for our roles. We often daydreamed about resigning together but remained in our positions for a year before transitioning to different roles within the same company. Our tasks involved promoting home loans, often to clients who were not financially stable, making it a particularly distressing type of sales job. However, our similar senses of humor provided relief and helped us cope with the daily pressures.

Our professional relationship evolved into a friendship, and for the past 11 years, Tim and I have been a couple. The bond we formed extended beyond work, often playing light-hearted games like "Would you rather?" to lighten the mood amidst the workday drudgery. We shared the same circle of coworkers who would often cancel plans last minute, leaving just the two of us to follow through.

While initially, our relationship was purely platonic, dynamics shifted following the end of Tim's previous relationship due to infidelity, and as I navigated a faltering long-distance relationship. Throughout this period, we maintained a friendship, gradually growing closer through discreet exchanges of jokes via the company's instant messaging service. This closeness sparked rumors among our colleagues.

Our transition from friends to a romantic couple emerged around Valentine's Day after another canceled group outing left us to spend the evening together. It became evident then that our connection had deepened. We continued to work together in the same team, and when we officially started dating, we even had to convince our colleagues of our seriousness, although our managers had apparently anticipated our union.

Since finding each other, life has taken us on a wonderful journey. I have since become a copywriter and romance novelist, drawing inspiration for my books from office romances—though Tim jokes that he's the prototype for all my noble protagonists. We married in 2016 and continue to build on the strong, trusting relationship that started unexpectedly at a bank. With a backdrop of shared professional history and thorough background checks, I believe office romances can be profoundly meaningful. My advice for those contemplating a workplace romance is to embrace the opportunity, especially when you're as assured of your partner's integrity as I was with Tim.  

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