Homeless Woman Was Living Inside Michigan Store Sign With Computer and Coffee Maker

 Contractors investigating an oddly placed extension cord on the roof of a grocery store in Michigan uncovered a surprising scene: a 34-year-old woman had turned the store's sign into her makeshift home. Equipped with essentials such as a computer, printer, and coffee maker, she had lived there for about a year, according to the Midland Police Department.

Officer Brennon Warren described the situation as unusual, noting the creative yet desperate nature of her living arrangement. The woman, who remained unnamed, indicated that despite having employment elsewhere, she had resorted to residing within the Family Fare sign since she had no other housing options. This discovery was made on April 23.

The sign, a sizable structure at the peak of the store, included a door and measured approximately 5 feet wide by 8 feet high. The interior was modestly furnished with flooring and a mini desk. Beyond personal effects like clothing, the woman had set up practical home amenities, such as a Keurig coffee maker.

Power for her makeshift home was sourced through an extension cord connected to an outlet on the roof. Officer Warren mentioned that it was unclear how the woman accessed the roof, and she did not provide details on her method.

The corporate response from SpartanNash, the company overseeing Family Fare, highlighted a professional and compassionate approach by the store employees, while also shifting attention to broader issues of housing affordability and safety.

Upon her discovery, the woman was cooperative with the authorities and vacated the premises without any legal consequences, having been informed of local social services that could assist her. The whereabouts of the woman following her departure remain unknown.

Local nonprofit leaders, like Saralyn Temple of Midland’s Open Door, acknowledged the woman's ingenuity but stressed that such measures underscore the pressing need for more accessible low-income housing in the area. Midland, a town recognized globally as the headquarters of Dow Inc., and with a population of about 42,000, faces ongoing challenges in providing adequate shelter for its residents.  

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