Gen Zers Are Asking Their Parents For Job Help, Plus Is Activism Is Protected At Work?

Reflect on the widely discussed topic of Hollywood's "nepo babies"—a term symbolizing the advantages of family connections and generational wealth in securing career opportunities. While being labeled a "nepo baby" can stir controversy, leveraging familial ties remains prevalent and beneficial within many sectors.

A recent survey targeting job seekers revealed that 70% of Gen Z candidates solicited their parents' assistance in job hunting, amidst a challenging employment landscape. April's job growth fell short of projections, and although the national unemployment rate remains below 4%, there was a slight uptick from the previous month. Given these conditions, it's understandable why Gen Z might reach out to their closest networks, including family, for employment support.

However, the extent of parental involvement has raised eyebrows. Approximately 10% of young respondents acknowledged that their parents conducted HR screening calls on their behalf. Moreover, 30% reported that their parents attended their job interviews, with two-thirds of these parents actively engaging with hiring managers.

It’s important to recognize that the younger segment of Gen Z, born in 2012 and just turning 12 this year, are not yet within working age. Many are still navigating their mid to late teenage years, possibly exploring high-school or summer job opportunities, where parental involvement is more plausible. The survey does not distinguish between teenage and adult Gen Z members, but considering their age, some parental participation is to be expected.

Indeed, it is perfectly normal for parents of 16-year-olds to transport their children to their first job interviews or assist them in preparing their resumes if they are college students or recent graduates. However, the ultimate responsibility of working and earning lies with the individual, not their parents. While support from family, mentors, and peers is invaluable and can significantly aid in securing a desirable position, there is a crucial difference between receiving help and having others perform tasks on one's behalf.  

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