For Gen-Z job-seekers, TikTok is the new LinkedIn


Young job-seekers distinguish themselves from previous generations with distinct expectations for more empathetic and generous employers and an unusual approach to job hunting. Increasingly, they are turning to TikTok for career advice, where influencers like Lauren Spearman caution against "red-flag job postings," while others like Kennie Bukky share negotiation strategies and personal salary experiences. Brittany Peatsch gained attention after documenting her layoff from Cloudflare, now offering guidance to others facing job losses.

With its CareerTok hashtag amassing over 2 billion views, TikTok has become a pivotal platform for career-related content, particularly among Generation Z, who value workplace transparency. This generation, poised to represent 27% of the workforce in mostly affluent OECD nations by 2025, finds solace in the candid sharing of employment experiences online.

Spearman's efforts have occasionally led companies to revise job postings in response to her critiques, demonstrating both TikTok's influence and shifting employment dynamics. Similarly, after Peatsch's viral video, Cloudflare's CEO acknowledged the impact of her post and pledged better practices moving forward. Some influencers, like Spearman, have even leveraged their online presence for roles in marketing campaigns.

CareerTok not only fosters community and solidarity among workers but also pressures employers to re-evaluate their compensation and fairness. The platform’s success and massive viewership empower users, encouraging greater confidence and advocacy for equitable treatment in the workplace.

However, not all reactions to CareerTok content are supportive. Layoff videos, for example, have sparked criticism, viewed by some as emblematic of Gen-Z's perceived sense of entitlement. Moreover, creators must navigate potential legal risks associated with sharing sensitive company information.

Despite these challenges and the possibility of TikTok being banned in the U.S., the drive for a transparent and fair workplace continues to resonate with young professionals. The dialogue between Gen-Z employees and their employers, facilitated by platforms like CareerTok, signifies a persistent and evolving labor movement.  

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