Employee sentiment has dipped, with only 48% reporting they are happy in their job compared to 70% in 2023, according to the 2024 Salary Guide report from marketing/creative staffing firm 24 Seven. It also found that 31% of respondents reported being dissatisfied with their current compensation, and of those, a majority, 52%, report they are likely to leave as a result.

The report includes insights from more than 2,500 participants surveyed across the marketing, creative, tech, fashion, beauty and retail sectors in the US, Canada and the UK.

In addition, the report found that financial compensation was cited as the top priority for job seekers, taking priority over remote work options, health benefits and work-life balance.

 Additional findings from the 2024 Salary Guide include:

  • 44% of workers say they are staying with their current employer solely due to economic uncertainty, signaling retention risks on the horizon.
  • 86% of employees said they expect a raise in 2024, yet only 33% received a compensation increase in 2023 — a sharp decline from the previous year.
  • While 60% of employees say they are loyal to their companies, only 44% believe that their employer is loyal to them in return.
  • 66% of full-time employees now take on freelance projects, more than double the 32% from just two years ago.

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