Domino’s Pizza advertising $100 per-hour hand model role

 Do you dream of holding a delicious slice of pizza in your hands? Well, Domino’s Pizza could pay you for it.

The pizza chain is currently looking for a hand model to show off its new range of pizzas.

“Can you remain calm under pressure?” Domino’s asked in its hand-model job advertisement. “Have you got all the right (and left) moves to increase appetite appeal?

“Most importantly — will you agree not to eat the props before the shoot is over?”

Domino’s is searching for someone over 18 who “can lift a maximum of four pizza slices per hand” while holding very still for long periods.

For the coveted role, you can earn $100 per hour.

“We believe every Domino’s pizza deserves perfect presentation, which is why we’re searching far and wide for the perfect pair of strong and steady hands to help us out,” Domino’s ANZ head of new product development and innovation Michael Treacy said.

“From kneading dough to the delicate placement of toppings, we rely on hands every step of the way in the pizza-making process! Therefore, when it comes to the last step — marketing — our new pizza products must be shot in the right hands.

“Why? Because this role is no easy feat! Executing the perfect cheese pull back-to-back requires both the grace of a ballerina and the determination of a boxer.

“Applicants must have Jedi-like control and the ability to freeze their hands to make the shot come to life, all without breaking a sweat under the pressure of the bright lights!”

‘Unique job opportunities’

Offering unique job opportunities like this is what Domino’s is all about, Domino’s ANZ people business partner Matt Baldwin said.

“We’re proud to provide joyful experiences for pizza lovers, including the chance to get paid for holding our hand-crafted pizzas.

“The successful applicant will receive $100 an hour for their time, and a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a day at Domino’s Global Headquarters in Brisbane modeling the next big Domino’s menu innovation.

“The chosen hand model will also receive a tour of Domino’s top-secret Innovation Kitchen, spend time in the ‘Say Cheese’ professional photo studio — and of course, enjoy a pizza lunch as a thanks for all their hand work.”

And since this is top-secret stuff, the successful applicant must also be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement that they won’t share confidential menu information following their visit.

You can send in your application through the Domino’s website, with applications accepted until midnight on May 20.

Applicants should demonstrate their pizza-holding abilities by submitting a photo of their best pizza hand-modeling poses or a 30-second video demonstrating their pizza-holding skills.

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