Caitlin Clark Just Set Her Most Impressive Record Yet. Her 5-Word Response Is a Lesson in Emotional IntelligenceShe hasn't even played a regular season game and she's already changing her team's future.


Over the last few years, attendance at Indiana Fever's home games has averaged slightly above 4,000, one of the lowest in the WNBA and less than half the attendance averages of leading teams like the Las Vegas Aces and Phoenix Mercury. Despite these figures, a record-setting crowd of 13,000 attended a preseason game on a recent Thursday night, largely driven by enthusiasm for rookie sensation Caitlin Clark's debut in her new home city.

This turnout, especially for a non-competitive preseason game, may stand as one of Clark's most notable achievements. Following the game, wherein she led with 13 points, eight rebounds, and six assists, Clark acknowledged the robust crowd support. "It was a lot of fun. They were loud and really into it, which is amazing for a preseason game on a Thursday night," Clark reflected. She predicted that the strong fan presence would be a recurring advantage throughout the season.

Clark’s humility and insight were evident in her comments. Considering the Fever's recent struggle, finishing last in their conference both this year and the previous one, every bit of support is crucial. Attendance not only impacts the team's financial sustainability but also bolsters its competitive edge; a robust home crowd can intimidate visiting teams, enhancing the homecourt advantage.

Clark is no stranger to drawing large crowds; her time at Iowa witnessed several attendance records, with each road game selling out—a testament to the influence of fan support on team performance.

As Clark transitions to the professional league, her unmatched scoring ability remains undeniable—she holds the NCAA record for career points. More critical than her scoring, though, is her ability to attract fans. Her presence not only fuels ticket sales but also energizes her team and intimidates opponents. Clark’s ability to draw crowds, which has significantly boosted women's basketball, shows no signs of waning. Her influence extends beyond her athletic prowess, as her mere presence on the court motivates her team and promises to elevate their performance throughout the season.  

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