A British retail firm is revealing interview questions in advance to help make its hiring process fairer

Preparing for Job Interviews with Revealed Questions

1. Increased Accessibility and Equity:

   - John Lewis, a major UK retailer, has revealed job interview questions in advance to make the hiring process more equitable.

   - This approach aims to help candidates, particularly those who are neurodiverse or lack interview experience, to prepare and confidently demonstrate their capabilities.

   - Revealing the questions can increase accessibility for people from diverse backgrounds, as it allows them to showcase their skills and experience.

2. Potential Concerns and Caveats:

   - There are some concerns about candidates using AI chatbots like ChatGPT to generate responses to the revealed questions.

   - Employers may face the risk of receiving identical, AI-generated responses from multiple candidates.

   - However, John Lewis states that the interview process will remain rigorous, with follow-up questions to assess the authenticity of the candidates' responses.

3. Leveraging Generative AI for Preparation:

   - Experts suggest that candidates can use generative AI tools like ChatGPT as a starting point for their interview preparation.

   - These tools can provide a solid first draft, which the candidate can then review and personalize, reflecting their own experiences and skills.

   - Using AI-powered tools in this way can be a helpful supplement to the interview preparation process.

4. Benefits for Diverse Candidates:

   - Revealing interview questions can particularly benefit neurodiverse candidates, as well as Gen Z and young professionals who may lack interview experience and confidence.

   - This transparent approach can help level the playing field and allow candidates from various backgrounds to showcase their abilities.

5. Ongoing Evaluation and Adaptation:

   - John Lewis acknowledges that revealing interview questions is not a "silver bullet" and that the process will continue to evolve.

   - Employers and candidates alike must remain vigilant in adapting to the changing landscape, including the potential use of AI-generated responses.

   - Maintaining a rigorous and authentic evaluation process is crucial to ensure the fairness and effectiveness of the interview process.

In conclusion, John Lewis's decision to reveal job interview questions in advance is a step towards a more equitable and accessible hiring process. While there are some potential concerns, the approach can also provide benefits for diverse candidates and leverage the capabilities of generative AI tools. Ongoing evaluation and adaptation will be essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of this approach. 

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