7 remote and hybrid companies that will pay for your vacation—they’re all hiring

A significant portion of American workers are not utilizing all their paid time off (PTO). According to a recent Harris Poll survey of 1,170 U.S. workers, 78% admit to leaving PTO unused. The primary reasons cited include busy schedules, heavy workloads, and a relentless “pressure to always be available.” Additionally, the rising costs of travel—up 15% from 2019 according to NerdWallet—further discourage employees from taking vacations.

Despite these challenges, paid time off remains a highly valued benefit. The Harris Poll found that 48% of U.S. workers would prefer more PTO over a higher salary. To combat burnout and enhance employee retention, some companies are adopting innovative strategies, particularly within the travel industry. These initiatives include offering four-figure stipends for travel and assisting with vacation costs through flight or hotel credits.

If you are seeking a flexible job that supports remote work and helps you fund your travels, consider applying to one of these companies highlighted by FlexJobs:

1. **Hopper** (Travel)

   - Benefit: Annual “carrot cash” of $200 for bookings via the Hopper app.

2. **BambooHR** (HR Software)

   - Benefit: $2,000 annual stipend under the “paid paid vacation” policy for travel expenses.

3. **Kindred** (Travel)

   - Benefit: Quarterly $1,000 travel stipend for airfare or gas.

4. **Thirty Madison** (Health Care)

   - Benefit: Annual $750 vacation stipend.

5. **Tripadvisor** (Tech, Travel)

   - Benefit: Reimbursement for personal travel, with amounts based on years of service.

6. **MNTN** (Advertising, Travel)

   - Benefit: Annual $2,000 vacation stipend.

7. **Kasa** (Travel)

   - Benefit: Up to $2,000 in annual lodging credits for Kasa rental properties.  

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