6 in-demand freelance skills, according to Upwork—one pays up to $250 an hour

In 2024, approximately 2 million individuals are anticipated to graduate from college according to the National Center for Education Statistics. As they venture into the job market to launch their careers, they could benefit from focusing on certain skills that are in high demand. Freelance marketplace Upwork has highlighted six essential skills across various categories such as web development and admin support. Here’s an overview of these skills, including their specifics and the hourly rates professionals charge on Upwork.

### Data Analytics
Data analysts examine large, complex data sets to extract insights that influence business direction. They utilize tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, SQL, and Tableau. Margaret Lilani, vice president of talent delivery at Upwork, emphasizes that technology in this field is rapidly evolving, and proficiency in leveraging these tools is crucial for success. On Upwork, data analysts can earn up to $167 per hour.

### Full Stack Development
Full-stack developers are responsible for both the frontend and backend aspects of websites and apps. Vicki Salemi, a career expert for Monster, notes that these professionals manage the user interface and the underlying mechanisms that make it functional. Due to ongoing technological advancements, the demand for full-stack developers remains robust. They charge up to $190 per hour on Upwork.

### Social Media Marketing
Social media marketers promote their clients across platforms like Instagram and Pinterest with goals such as brand building, customer interaction, sales enhancement, and website traffic growth. Given the omnipresence of social media, this skill is highly sought after and not expected to decline in demand. Professionals in this field charge as much as $250 per hour on Upwork.

### Accounting
Accountants analyze financial statements, assist in tax filing, and help businesses and individuals manage their finances effectively. Prompt access to accounting expertise is a necessity for all types of enterprises, from large corporations to startups. Vicki Salemi points out that the perpetual need for tax management ensures sustained demand for this skill. Upwork accountants can earn up to $125 per hour.

### General Virtual Assisting
General virtual assistants offer a wide range of support services including calendar management, email assistance, and presentation enhancement. Some may specialize in specific software or platforms, but their generalist abilities make them versatile assets. They can charge up to $65 per hour on Upwork.

### Graphic Design
Graphic designers develop visual concepts aligned with their client's branding, including logos, infographics, social media visuals, and presentations. In an increasingly visual society, the importance of graphic design continues to grow. On Upwork, graphic designers can command up to $150 per hour.

These skills present significant opportunities for new graduates looking to gain traction in the job market, offering both versatility and high earning potential on platforms like Upwork.  

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